Monday, 8 May 2017


This is the piece I have been waiting for since Basel 2016.
After a 13 month wait, finally got it.
Complete review coming in due time.
Need to enjoy it abit more before I can genuinely write a review.

Most readers will know what watch this is... :-)

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


After dabbling in the watch collecting hobby for a couple of years.
I believe I went in during one of THE most exciting times for the watch industry.
Fast forward to today.
Falling value of the ringgit currency coupled with some sombre releases from watch brands have made me reassess my priorities.

The flame of excitement sort of just slowly died down.
It was since last year actually.
And it was also the time when I put my name on the waiting list for a watch I believe is the proper one to be called an "end game" piece.
After a full year waiting, I should be getting my piece soon.

So, to all my blog's followers,
Thank you so very much for your support and visit.
It was great being able to share the knowledge of the watches I have had the privilege of owning and having them loaned to me.

It has been a great couple of years and my last update will most probably be the piece I considered my "end game" piece.
Special thanks to my good friend Prof Alex and also to Kevin, a true professional and a man of his word.

Although alot of my friends also tell me never to say never... I do believe this chapter have to be closed to make way for a new phase.
I will still keep my eyes open for future watch release announcements during SIHH and Baselworld.
Who knows? All it takes is just one single piece to sing to me to jumpstart the whole journey again.

Until then...

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Today I am going to talk about a watch that I considered an itchy butt purchase last year.
Yes... last year.
I have these pictures taken but did not have the time to post it up.
It's the BR126 Sports Heritage Flyback Chrono GMT.
The name itself is a handful.

As you guys can see. The dial is a bi-compax layout with the left subdial showing GMT time.
The little button on the 10 o'clock advances the GMT time by hourly jumps.

Dial is clean and balanced with the rose gold accented markers and hands lending a vintage/heritage feel to the piece.

The case profile is very nice and is polished nicely.

Piston style chrono pushers and a "&" logo on the crown for a nice touch of quality.

The case itself is slim but the conical bezel and also domed crystal adds to the thickness.

I believe the movement is and ETA 2892 with a Dubuis Depraz module piggybacked on for the GMT, Chrono and Flyback functions.
Nothing wrong with it. Helps keep the price accessible.

The date window is abit on the small side... and I mean really small.
Could've missed it...

Close up shots reveal the details.
The "airplane" chronograph totalizer hands means only one thing.
Which is the chrono function mirrors that of those Lemania chronographs of old.

Very confortable on the wrist,
Highly wearable and for the price point, offers quite alot of watch for the money.

Monday, 1 May 2017


Hello guys,
Apologies for the lack of updates again.
Been really busy lately and also going thru a very difficult time in my life.
Anyway, this is a simple review of a watch I worn on loan from a friend.
The JLC Polaris.

The watch itself is pretty cool and oozing with vintage charm.
Very wearable 42mm size and a domed sapphire crystal completes the package.

The dial is highly legible with minimal clutter.
The centre dial is of course a disc with the triangular pointer setting the alarm function.
Total of 3 crowns with one for time and date setting, one for setting the alarm and one more for winding the alarm function (it needs power to vibrate and create a buzzing sound after all)

No fancy engravings on the crown.

As I mentioned earlier.
The super dome crystal.

The caseback is hollowed out with some holes to amplify the alarm buzzing.

Details on the dial is nice and crisp....

Except on the close up picture of the 12 o'clock marker... looks pretty sloppy. and also the luminescence on the alarm triangle encroach out of line.
You won't be able to tell with the naked eye... So I might be nitpicking here.... 

The 9 o'clock marker done right.

Very comfy on the wrist.
Good watch for a daily wear with the alarm novelty a conversation starter.

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Some of you might have noticed that this is my 2nd post on the Pelagos.
The 1st is way back in November 2012.
That was when I am still considered a noob in the blogosphere and what was written are just initial impressions.
After helping a friend refinish his Pelagos, it is only right that he allowed me to test it for a week.
Gave me a better perspective of overall experience regarding the watch.

The Pelagos the 1st watch from the House of Rolex/Tudor that is made entirely in Titanium sans the clasp.
Good choice in my opinion.
Watch is light, easy to wear.
42mm size is almost the standard nowadays.
Powered by a tried and tested 2824 modified by Tudor, timekeeping is accurate and service and parts are not an issue.

As a dive watch, legibility is awesome.
There is even lume inside the matte ceramic bezel, something even big brother Rolex have not done yet.
Bezel clicks reassuringly and confidently.
Almost no play.

The clasp is where I truly believe Tudor knocks it out of the park.
It features a clever spring loaded clasp that will allow the clasp to fit well when the wrist expands in girth during hot days and contract during cold days. Absolutely fabulous and really practical piece of engineering.

The bracelet is reminiscent of the Rolex Oyster bracelet.
But with the bracelet being made from titanium, it's lightweight, comfortable and precise.

Being a dive watch rated to 500m, I guess a Helium Escape Valve is inevitable.
Placed on the case side at 9 o'clock.

Titanium is known as a pretty tough material to work with.
That is why I admire every curve, every bevel.
Done with precision.
I would not expect less.

The crown is big enough for a firm grip.
The crownguards are also nicely done.

After wearing it for a week, I feel that Tudor really created a value for money proper dive watch.
I cannot find fault with it even if I wanted to.
Many WIS friends consider this the Rolex SeaDweller that never was.
Good news if you ask me.
If this watch is slapped with a Rolex Logo, it would be priced at a higher level.
Today, when friends ask me what watch should they buy with a mid range budget, my answer is look at the Tudor Pelagos.
I can only wish I started with one...

Now the Pelagos have been updated with Tudor's own Manafacture movement.
So those people that used to complain about Tudor using generic off the shelf movements?
Time to put the money where your mouth is?

Either way, in house movement or not, the Tudor Pelagos is a watch I would recommend for 1st time watch buyers looking for a practical, robust and reliable watch for everyday use.

With the rate Tudor is going, I won't be known as Rolex's little brother for long.

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Again, apologies for not updating as much as I'd like to.
Life just catches up.
Less time and resources... cough cough *money* cough cough for watches...
But, a friend did purchase a pre-owned Tudor Pelagos but it was well worn...
I offered to refinish it for him and he gladly trusted me to it.
Nice of him to let me "test" my skills.

1st of all, these are all that's needed for a refinishing job.
Bracelet removal tool, a screw driver and a scouring pad.
I choose 3M branded ones.
You also need some masking tape to cover up places that you don't want to scour...

I started off with the caseback...
So I removed the bracelet to make the job easier.
Since the caseback has it's own grooves, you have to scour it according to the grooves...
Some scratches are kinda deep.
I could get them off by scouring more but i guess it's good enough.

After that, I moved on to the bracelets.
Again, just use the scour pad and using slight pressure, move it from one end to the other.
Rinse and repeat.
Do not scour it using back and forth motion.
It won't look good.

Before and after pictures.

How do you think I did?
My friend was pretty happy.
Not bad I reckon...

I will proceed with the review of this watch soon.

Sunday, 11 October 2015


During my recent trip to Japan, besides scouting the watches available there... I also saw some cool clocks that I would like to share.

This one is pretty cool...
It uses liquid and a myriad of tubes to tell the time.
It was awesome just looking at this one work.
When I was there, a gentleman was servicing this clock.
I have utmost respect for him and did not want to disturb him doing his work.
I would love to take a pic of him but unfortunately I did not...
This clock is located in Nagoya's Sakae Subway Station.
I believe this clock is very old... just for the record, using liquid to tell time was done here before HYT... lol

This clock while also using liquid but most likely electronically controlled by pumps and a clever computer.
As the minutes pass, the display will change and water will spout out of the respective places to make out the time in arabic numbers.
This one is located at the Kanazawa Main Station.
Just walk out the main door... walk abit and you will see it.

This clock is quite nicely done.
The checkered background design with alternating spaces for vegetation and tiles.
This one is located in one of the main buildings around Tennoji area.
I did not take note of the retail building's name.

Well, plenty more cool stuff in Japan... well... It's Japan!!
I would be disappointed if it's not cool...