Saturday, 27 October 2012


With the upcoming release of the new Bond movie Skyfall, let's talk about the modern Bond watch which has been taken over by Omega since the Pierce Brosnan movie Goldeneye.

This model here, the 2220.80 is only worn in the movie Casino Royale during the poker game.
Previously, the Omega Seamaster that got the screentime was the older generation model, the 2531.80 which is powered by the Omega Caliber 1120 (Basically an ETA2892-A2 touched up by Omega)
This model is powered by the newer Co-Axial Caliber 2500.
The Co-Axial Caliber 2500 is basically a modified ETA2892-A2 to house the Co-Axial Escapement.
No complaints on the timekeeping as it is COSC certified.

Features a screw in caseback.
Water resistant is rated at 300m.
You can see the engraved Omega globe and also the little red dot on the right side of the picture.
The Omega globe is Omega's way to combat replica makers.
The red dot that is intact shows that the caseback have not been opened before.
After sending in the watch for servicing at the Omega Service Centre, the watch will come back with a blue dot.
Co-Axial movements are only to be serviced by Omega technicians as the oiling of the parts can be quite tricky.

The difference between the old model and the new model is in the details.
The luminious markers and Omega Logo and Branding is painted on the dial while the newer model it is applied.
Luminious markers are also applied and is surrounded by white gold surrounds,
Hands remain identical to the older version.

This is the last of the Seamaster Bond (as it is affectionately called) that comes with wavy texture dial.
This model is already discontinued and replaced by the latest model which comes with ceramic bezels and glossy dial.

And as some of you might have guessed, this watch is no longer in my possession. With the recent release of the new Bond movie Skyfall, just thought I'd share some ownership experience I had with it.
This watch have been with me to the Philippines and also countless island excursion for snorkeling and it still works like a charm.
I'd recommend those wanting a Seamaster Bond to go with this one as it can be had for quite a good price on the pre-owned market.
The newer ceramic models is at least a USD1000-1500 premium over this one which is pretty hefty considering the watch is essentially the same mechanically and the improvements is only cosmetic.

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