Wednesday, 24 October 2012


This watch is my 1st swiss watch.
Quartz Chronograph.
Was my daily wearer for 4 years.

I must admit the dial is pretty busy.
8 years ago, complicated dials is what I like.
Subdials, chrono functions and so on.
Back in the day, 3 hand watches are considered too simple.
I would not give them a 2nd look.... lol

This watch is used... or abused by me... evident by the amount of scratches... even the caseback is scratched... I have no idea how it got there.
I was a sucker for limited edition those days.
This was a Limited Edition of 4999 pieces.
Now? Anything more than 100 pieces, I don't consider them Limited Editions. Just a reason for the dealers to cut discount rates.

The crown and cyclops for the date is actually styled like a brake caliper for motorcycles. The bezel is the disc brake.
This model actually appeared as a Moto GP limited edition watch as well... limited to... you guessed it... 4999 pieces.

The lugs design are also pretty cool.
The rubber is integrated to the lug and fastened by a bolt.
Inspiration from motorcycles again I guess.

This watch has just gone thru a fresh battery change.
Being a quartz, it definitely kept good time.
This watch is still with me and placed in my watchbox together with my other mechanical watches.
I still wear it from time to time when I need a "grab and go" watch.
And also I use it to time the accuracy of my mechanical watches and also as a reference when I set my mechanical watches when they stop running after fully unwinding.


  1. This one TISSOT T-RACE 2004 ATHENS OLYMPICS is not limited edition watch my many friends have this watch and they all are happy with this watch because of its look and life
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  2. Hello Dheeraj.
    This Tissot T-Race Athens Olympics watch is a limited edition watch.
    Limited to 4999 pieces and the individual numbers is engraved at the caseback.
    Being limited at 4999 pieces is actually not that limited actually.
    Some Panerai models have a yearly production of 800 pieces and after 6 years in production, it is still lower than the T-Race.
    Hope that clears up any confusion.

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